Antonio Cesaro is Boring. #DealWithIt

It could be worse, Claudio. You could be that one.
Hey guys, gals, gays and straights.

As you probably know, I watch a bit of wrasslin' from time to time, and talk about it with people on Twitter. By definition, that evidently makes me part of the "IWC." You know, the Internet Wrestling Community, that group of people that love anything non-Cena related and hate everything that is pushed by the WWE/TNA/ROH--even if it's something/someone that they wished into that role (CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Steen, AJ Styles, and Austin Aries fall into this role; most of these names are also indie darlings).

The current Antonio Cesaro (nee Claudio Castagnoli) is an indie darling. Having spent years in ROH, Chikara (and mainly as 1/2 of one of the most entertaining tag teams in recent memory, Kings of Wrestling, with Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno), and other promotions not owned by VKM, he finally got his WWE break in early 2012. His gimmick was an anti-American foreigner (sounds familiar--and from my childhood of wrestling history) who won the US Championship and is now stuck in no-man's-land after having a yodeling gimmick stripped from him.

If you get a yodeling gimmick stripped from you--and you're from Switzerland--something's wrong (i,e., even VKM can't just make you into a stereotype and have you flounder around the mid-card for a few months until you're future endeavored).

I've got to, for the first time in years, agree with VKM, B/R, etc. Cesaro is boring. Yes, he's powerful. Yes, his (very) European Uppercut looks like he's about to take someone's fucking head off--instead of just kicking it in, Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan-style. And yes, the guy has the look of a champion. But, his mic skills are relatively subpar. And, no, it's not because of the accent. His gimmicks have not gotten him over (there have been wrestlers with HORRIBLE gimmicks that made them work. Goldust anyone?) And now, he's rumored to team up with Zack Ryder in Ryder's epic feud with Catering.

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