AMPKILLA - "Groundwork"

So, if you've been following my timeline the past couple days, you'll see an artist by the name of @AMPKILLA in my mentions. A quick Google search will turn up an artist that is fighting the good fight, revolt against the corruption in our system, and trying to educate the world. I definitely respect that, as I'm the type of guy who loves education and hates corruption. Now, keep in mind, just because you're speaking on "education" or corruption, that doesn't mean that I will like your shit musically or even respect you as a person. But, the guy came correctly so I gave him a chance and he didn't disappoint. However, it seems that there's another side to AMP entirely. Exhibited through his production on Yung Law's "Bout A 100 Bars", AMPKILLA has a pretty good ear for what can work on a non-militant level, as well.

This is where "Groundwork" comes in.

A song seemingly ripped out of a mix of Fast 6 and a Tarantino film (think Kill Bill or even parts of Django Unchained), "Groundwork" is a track chockful of lingo you'll appreciate more if you know about the racing scene outside of Vin Diesel. But, its funky instrumental allows for the non-astute to get into the mix as well. Featuring production from seemingly first-time collaborator Roto Beatz (who puts his foot into the instrumental, to the point where I found myself wondering if it was a sample), "Groundwork" works because it's mainstream-friendly, but is niche enough that it fulfills, in some ways, quotas for both groups. A song like "Groundwork" may seem out of place among a track such as "Wicked Ones Will Fail" to most. But, to me? Hell, I work with people like True God, who'll write a track called "New Pussy" and make it more about the plight of man's quest for love and how sex fulfills a desire, but not always a need. Nothing seems out the ordinary for me.

So, check the track out and follow AMP over on Twitter.

Alternate Link here: Groundwork (Reverbnation Link)


  1. Sorry if the link isn't working folks. It's not Speed on the Beat's or my fault. SoundCloud SUCKS! Please go to to hear the song on ReverbNation!

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    2. Hey Amp. It's working for me. But, yeah, I'll go ahead and post the alternate link for you.

    3. Well if it's working on your end, that's good enough for me! LOL! Thanks!