I'm Going to a House Show

Greetings, peeps (no Captain Charisma)

Today, I'm going to my first WWE house show (ed. note--yes, Speed on the Beat is a WWE fan. So what? I can still kick your ass for reals) and I'm pretty excited. Why? Because, apparently, house shows are the equivalent of the DBZ gif that's "playing" next to this. Full of rowdiness, less PG-like stuff, and so on, because it's not exactly being aired live--or taped, as is the case with Smackdown these days (ed. note--oh, Blue Brand. Why have you fallen off so much?! It can't be ALL because of John Cena, can it?)

The only thing about house shows that I've noticed is this: most of the time they go along with the main storylines, but sometimes, they go back to something that isn't even halfway related to the current storyline(s). Example, at the house show I'm going to, Alberto Del Rio is going up against Big Show in a Last Man Standing match for the World Heavyweight Championship. There's only one problem with that. The Man that Glenn Beck is (kayfabe) afraid of, Mr. We(ed) the People* himself, Jack Swagger is currently in a program with ADR over the WHC belt. Surely, WWE, you don't think that your fans are that stupid to just drop all that they invested into a B-rated storyline to fly back into a D-rated one that ended a few months back...do you?

Ah well, at least Daniel Bryan will probably be there--and I can wear my "Yes Yes Yes!" shirt and everyone would know what it refers to and I wouldn't have to explain it like "sigh, it's a shirt that this wrestler that I enjoy made popular due to the catchphrase he shout(ed) at the top of his lungs before, during, and after each match." And, maybe, just maybe, due to his program with Dolph Ziggler, I can see THIS in person:
AJ, I still believe in you! Because of you, parts of it are still real to me, dammit
And, by seeing that, I can (maybe) avoid having to go about five minutes south of First Mariner to Fell's and possibly seeing this:

In other news, per B/R, Chyna is becoming an English teacher in Japan. All I've gotta say is cool. One, because it means I don't have to randomly come across "One Night in Chyna" when I'm on XVideos or YouPorn anymore. Secondly, it's great that she seems to be getting her shit together. And, yes, I'm aware of the oddity of having this pop up right underneath a gif of AJ Lee doing her ring slide in that I've used MANY times on this site and that other picture.


*I despise the "Weed the People" jokes. They're not original, plus they take something that's legit a problem (the drug war in America, NORML, et al) and marginalize it by referring to Mr. Hager's arrest. Sigh. People these days, I swear. And this is why I never comment on wrestling blogs/message boards. 

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