The Great American Bash and How It Relates to DAR

Happy Independence Day (or to some "Happy Day that America Became Powerful Enough to Start Colonizing Other Countries, Thus Continuing the Tyranny that They Just Escaped From").

Last night, I watched the Great American Bash. WCW slander aside (seriously, Vince. Did you have to put the "WCW Nitro never rated higher than Monday Night Raw" title card in during a continuation of a WCW PPV? I know, it's history, but it seems a little noserubbingly coincidental.), it wasn't that bad of an event. It was low on buffoonery, sans Teddy Long's backstage segments, Michael Cole almost burying AJ--then just getting destroyed by AJ, Punk, and Bryan, all with a couple stares and few words. Plus, we got some more AJ gifs out of it, probably.

I'm sure none of which will top this one. Until...hol' up, hol' up, wait. Let me get my mind out the gutter this early.

The main event, the 20-Man Battle Royal for Smackdown GM status next week, was won by Zack Ryder. Thankfully, Super Cena got shut down, Big Show lost, and Ryder got some TV time that wasn't centered around appearing in a backstage vignette.
Because we all know that Ryder will get extended TV time without gimmicks.
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But, I started thinking a bit about the DAR Movement True God and I continued because of this insanity. Why? Because, in a lot of ways, the movement as a whole is on underdog status. What started as something to do between two intellectually-inclined individuals is growing into non-profits, albums, clothing stores (albeit still online at this point), and pretty much everything under the sun you can think of that'd help someone in need--in one way or another. And, like Zack Ryder's gimmick as the Internet Champion, DAR did such through online venues at first.

Now, unlike Mr. Woo Three Times, DAR is still relevant without gimmicks. After all, True and I aren't wrestlers, even though the hip-hop community is starting to give us as much heat as the baddest heel. Long story short, DAR will stick around, and live on, much like the career of Ryder has, even though he's not a main-eventer and WWE constantly uses him as a gimmick.

So, be ready for us--and that means not just True, myself, and/or other rappers.
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