Speed's Thought of The Day

Alrighty, so this morning, I noticed that someone actually followed my old blog, The Journeys of Speed. Awkwardly enough, that collection of DMV music reviews, social musings, and self-promotion hasn't been updated since 2010. You're probably asking "what's so different now versus 2010 Speed?" Well, for starters, I've got an adorable little son. And, I'm about two years older.

But, this caused me to check out the original blog. Technically, it's not the original blog. That distinction belongs to the now-defunct Bored, Back and (Mostly) Black aka Ramblings of a Bored Mind, which I ran from 2004 through 2008. Tangent aside, I noticed that JoS was a less-refined version of SoTBP.

Douchebag Yeezy asks: "Is this shit going anywhere?!"
Well, in short, the blog was a good blog, and I wish that I could've kept it going. But, you know, with life, a decrease of time, a chubby cheeked baby, and so on, you kind of lose the will to write a blog about social stuff-and-such. So, there's the promise that I intend to keep this time. SoTBP will be regularly updated and won't sit stagnant for years on end.

So, check out the blog of the future.

God, I need to work on my closings.

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