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Konichiwa, bitches (not in the "bad bitch" sense, but in the Lupe "bitch bad, woman good" slightly-ironic-because-I-still-call-my-brothers-nigga-on-ocassion-in-song-but-I-can-still-preach-like-a-good-worker-monkey sense).

So, since I've been gone, LeBron won his first championship. That's a pretty hefty task for the LeBaron to accomplish. Now, he can finally start onto that whole "I'll be better than Michael, just you wait and see" path that everyone's been bitching about even more so since he left Cleveland to join the Miami Superfriends. Hopefully, for his sake, he'll win as many championships as wrinkles on his old-man face. In other words, many.
He still has to pass Kobe, Magic, etc., etc. THEN, Jordan. And, then Bill Russell.
It's damn near July and the Orioles are still playing halfway-decent baseball.
Is it the rag-tag bunch of relievers, one of which, apparently, was a shortstop prospect at one point? Is it the fact that B-Rob is finally back, albeit still getting in the swing of things (no pun intended)? Is it because they realized that Mark Reynolds should never be considered your greatest player? Or is it that Adam Jones is becoming the player Eric Davis should have been, if it wasn't for injuries, kidneys, cancer, bad luck, old age, etc. Whatever it is, "Da O's" have a lot of people halfway happy about baseball again. And, that, in a baseball town that became a football town, is great to hear.

Adam Jones = Eric Davis. In a good way. Look, they even look alike. Not in a "all you blackies look the same" way, but more like "hey, they coulda been twins, if they weren't born about 20 years apart" way.


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