How to Save Rap (Partly Parodic)

(This list is parodic in nature, mostly. I mean, shoot, you do need to listen to more Speed on the Beat. Maybe not at Drake's expense, but...well, you know. )

Less Lupe, More KRIT.
Less Immortal Tech, More True God.
Less Drake, More Speed on the Beat.
Less internet, More actual interaction.
Less" Femcees" that "empower" cunt, More L-Boogie (MoLH-era BTW).
Less jeggings, More substance. (But, jeggings are pretty awesome, too)
Less bullshit ("conscious" included), More good music.
Less G.O O.D Music, More actual good music.
Less Waka, More UGK.
Less Praise of 3000, Em, etc., More DITC and finding an artist that ISN'T programmed into your brains.
You're welcome.

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