Enough of the Sadness--for a while

Hoe-la, dudes and dudettes.

So, instead of dropping another reflective post, let's have some fun today.

So, Miley Cyrus is getting married, eh? I guess we're supposed to believe she's been chaste and all virgin-y prior to her wedding night, too, right? I swear, if another Disney prodigy goes off the deep end (yes, I'm including Raven-Symone's Flying-Nun-meets-Technicolor-meets-Psuedo-Punk ass in this group as well. Speedy doesn't discriminate), I'll be convinced Disney is even more of a mind-altering organization hellbent on mindfucking and corrupting the world through catchy, repetitive, synth-pop and derivative tween shitsitcoms.
That's so not...oh, never mind. 

The Celtics are leading the Heat three game to two in the Eastern Conference Finals. Is it time to start up those "OVER...RATED!" chants again to "King" Bron Bron? I don't know. I'm not--let me repeat, NOT--a LeBron fan. I think he's good, for the most part, but usually chokes when it counts. But, to say he's overrated, because he's been surrounded by great-to-good talent and still hasn't won a title? ...ok, maybe a little overrated.
Don't cry. You're still better most of the 2003 NBA Draft Class. But, you're no Bill Russell--or even Jordan for that matter.
In television "news," it seems that every time a writer runs out of interesting storyline(s) for a female character, they just flip a switch and BOOM! Aforementioned female character magically becomes a lesbian. And, not even a "oh, I'm just curious about what else is out there because I'm trying to find myself" lesbian. I'm talking full-on L Word-style "I love being with women and only women" lesbian. There is no in-between for female characters that are struggling with their sexual identity on TV. I guess it comes back to the "gays are gross, lesbians are hot huh-huh-huh" mindset. So, it's alright for a male character to struggle, as homosexuality is seen as this giant mystery--and lesbianism portrayed oftentimes as being on some "one day, I just woke up and decided 'hey, I like having muffins for breakfast more than I ever like sausages'" shit.

I'm pretty sure it's not. But, I'm a straight male. Apparently, I don't know shit about shit about the LBGTQ Community's plight. And, yes, I'm aware of the fact that I mentioned Raven-Symone before I got into the LBGT stuff. And?

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