Introducing Speed on the Beat...For the 1000th Time.

Good morning, friends, foes, winners and hoes.

It is I, the man of a thousand nicknames, Mister Speed on the Beat. After realizing that posting a million tweets on Twitter can clog timelines worse than a Belieber hopped up on Pixy Styx, I've decided to reopen my life to the blogosphere and allow it to be judged by simpletons that follow trends on whims, don't consider something fact if it hasn't been tweeted (c) by TMZ, and are often afraid to say what they truly mean or desire out of fear of rejection and ridicule.
I know, right?

So, in the past, my first post would usually be a "hey, guys. I'm SoTB. I'll be your chauffeur on this helluva ride called The World" type post with some optimistic ramblings of a bored mind, which was also the title of my last serious blog after "The Journeys of Speed,"

In the past, I'd also probably post something about a girl I had some sort of unrequited love for. Oh, how times have changed--or not considering one of my newest tracks touches on this subject like that weird guy on the bus that smells like he hasn't bathed since Nixon was in office does the shoulder of the person next to him.

Anyhow, I'm 23, I make music, I'm a graduate of the University of Maryland, and I can say some pretty controversial stuff. But, never do I do so for shock value.

So, that's Speed on the Beat in a nutshell. Kinda. I'm sure that you'll figure out the rest as we go along. Try not to barf on the way down. We just cleaned that crap up from the last group.

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