The Extended Meaning Behind the "#RR" title

Greetings :)

So...if anyone was wondering (which I know you probably weren't, but I'm going to tell you anyway) WTF "#RAQUEL R3:Lo@Ded" means, here you go:

Reality always--universally--quenches every longing. Relinquish love over all, [and] defy [your] eventual demise (AKA The Devolution and Death of the Modern Male)

Essentially, in order to save oneself from a permanent demise, they must "kill" or remove parts of their essence that are detrimental to their evolution. Only those smart enough to realize that their current existence is, essentially, a devolved form of the person they can be will be able to ascend and transcend all stereotypes.

This is also why "#RR" is such a vile album, as it showcases both my own devolution and "death," and the state of modern society as a whole for the "Modern Male." Plus, it leads up for the rest of the "Songs For...Trilogy."

Got that? Cool.
Douchebag Yeezy sez: "That's cool, Speed on the Beat--and I'ma let you finish--but MBDTF has the best long-winded meaning in a hip-hop album of all-time.

Douchebag Yeezy sez: Ok, fam. Never mind, dawg. We "G.O.O.D," right? ...right?!

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