A Broken Cog in The Machine

Good morningnoon, everyone out there in TV Land. Speed on the Beat here with a brand spankin' new post.

So, as you've probably seen, the release date for #RAQUEL R3: Lo@Ded (The Devolution and Death of the Modern Male) (yesterday) came and went without a drop of the most epic CD this side of Morgan Freeman Narrates The Bible. Why? Well, it turns out that the label and the distributors found an uncleared sample--that was supposed to have been cleared weeks/months ago--that I just found out about Monday morning via email. So, yesterday, Memorial Day, in addition to working on tracks, I was in an emergency conference call regarding the issue. Long story short, the clearance was issued and #RR will, baring any other last-minute fuckups, should be released in the coming week or so. 

Douchebag Yeezy sez: Cher up, Speed. At least you owned up to it and got it resolved, kind of. And you di'int even pull a Timbaland. ::Yeezy "Hahn?" ad-lib/laugh::
But, of course, this makes me look like an asshole because everywhere I spoke about the album, especially in interviews, "5/28/12" was the main thing I focused on, mainly because of the symbolism it entailed. But, hey, I'd rather have a late album than no album at all. Thankfully, I've already submitted Songs For... (The Rebirth and Evolution of the Modern Male), the second part of the trilogy, to the labels. So, if there's a flub, I know for damn sure it wasn't me.


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