Monday, March 2, 2015 Music Roundtable: Volume One, Part 2

On Friday, featured part one of our first Music Roundtable. This discussion focused on the writers and curators themselves, with a few tips about the business (especially with regards to submissions and approaching people who could "put you on"). If you haven't checked it out, please do so post-haste (here's the link again). Today, we delve deeper into the well of knowledge, getting opinions some somewhat controversial topics, including paid posts and the oversaturation of the "blogger" (the quotes will finally be explained today) and music fields.

As on Friday, the participants of the roundtable are:
Nikki Siixx,
Al Shipley, Freelance Writer for the Baltimore City Paper, Complex, and more
Quinelle Holder, Hip-Hop Curator and Head of Marketing at IMG/Warner Music Group

Friday, February 27, 2015 Music Roundtable: Volume One, Part One

In late 2014, I came to the realization that, while helpful, my "Dear Rap [People]" posts were limiting (mainly because it was only my thoughts/opinions/truths). So, I reached out to cook up something awesome. I hope to have/"host" more roundtables to help educate people on how to approach writers, music, A&R's and so on. Also, I want to showcase that these people aren't scary entities who sit in ivory chairs throwing potshots at up-and-comers. Volume One of the Roundtable features:


Nikki Siixx,

Al Shipley, Freelance Writer (Baltimore City Paper, Complex, and more)

Quinelle Holder, Hip-Hop Curator and Head of Marketing at IMG/Warner Music Group

Part one will focus on the panelists themselves along with hints about what not to do when submitting. Part two (Monday, March 2nd) will deal with thoughts on paid posts, more hints to future "media hubbers" (see, Rizzo. It's catching on) and artists, and biggest accomplishments. I'm not doing this just to give out contact info, though. So, if that's what you're here for, stay for parts one and two. You might learn something more useful than an email address.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

@Fresh_Garcia x @DugeeLFE: "Double Park"

New music from the brother Dugee F Buller, this time a feature on this Lil' Boy Fresh production. Love the fact that he's seriously ramped up his output in the past year or two. Gotta keep the people wanting more.

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