Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pursuing Happiness with True God: An Interview

In the second interview of the week, during a studio session with True God for some newer tracks, I asked some questions (some of which were submitted by awesome readers, most of who didn't leave any return information. Hooray for anonymity) about the recently-released Pursuing Happiness (review here), family life, Ferguson, and more. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Q&A with DK (aka Wayne Watts)

Hot on the heels of my Q&A with Lex Rush, I've scored an interview with another Terp alumni, DK aka Wayne Watts. 

Making a name for himself through his homegrown label, Evergreen Music, UMD Juke Joints, and more, the Baltimore native released projects to acclaim in the DMV region, even reaching the ears of the 2003 Billboard Hip-Hop Conference. After graduating, DK released a few other projects (including 2009's 24, a collection of tracks revolving around his 24th birthday) before moving to Denver, Colorado to begin a new life--musically and otherwise. Personally, this interview was a big deal for me, since Wayne, as mentioned, is one of the artists who influenced me along the way musically. 

Anyhow, before going through another trip down memory land, let's get into it.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Lex Rush - Unbridled Enthusiasm EP Review

A few weeks ago, I interviewed New York lyricist and former Terp Lex Rush. Yesterday, the EP in question, Unbridled Enthusiasm, released. The collection comes in at about twenty-one minutes, and is a collection of tracks Lex held in the stash (or remastered) over the years. It has a legitimate "90s" feel (think Joey Bada$$ meets MC Lyte meets a bit of a feminism and anti-bullshit-government for good measure), but is an overall solid (proper) debut, albeit with a minor hiccup or two. Read the full review after the jump.

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